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Logo design(s) include vector and image files. Included are original and B&W versions.
Icon and marks are included. Usage for social media profiles and web and fav icons. 
Style Guide included (more details below). 

​​​​​​​Simple Marks.
Vector and image files of initials/signatures.

Presentation style guide consist of color palette with color codes, logo variations, and typeface(s) with web font link(s).
Already have a logo and need a style guide? Highlight an existing logo with a custom style guide.
A developed aesthetic presentation catered to a mood or central idea... living spaces, fashion, brand ideas, etc.

1P 90.00 | 2P 125.00 | 3P 160.00

Evaluated pricing. Print production and continuous service options are available. Design and production tax and shipping fees will apply.
Please note all mockups are only estimates of final production.
Words to know:
Brand: how people perceive your company.
Branding: the actions you take to build a certain image of your company.
Brand identity: the collection of tangible brand elements that together create one brand image.
Before we start the design process, a warm-up.
Let's do a quick checklist to see if there is adequate information to proceed with building a cohesive brand identity.
1.How do you foresee your brand perception or what is your current brand perception?
2. What actions do you plan on taking or what actions have you taken to build a certain image?
3. Who is your target audience?
4. What category or industry does your brand fit within?
5. Do you have a vision or mood board? 
A mood or vision board may consist of photos, videos, or images of textures, similar brands, color stories, design aesthetics, typography, etc.
Pinterest is a great way to start and share with me!
Once the warm-up is complete, email all information collected from the warm-up checklist. Shortly thereafter, a virtual call will be scheduled to review.

next steps...
A service estimate (including booking fee) will be sent via PayPal. The booking fee assures an initial draft will be sent within 1-2 weeks of booking date.
Estimates will be converted into invoices. 
Choose from the following payment methods below (if PayPal is not preferred).
Please note booking fees are nonrefundable and will be subtracted from total amount.
Initial drafts and following revisions are open for feedback. 
Subsequent booking fees will be applied for the following: "one week, no response," revisions after second final draft, extended project deadlines or other additional services rendered.
After the final presentation is approved, an invoice will be sent. Files will be packaged and sent after invoice is closed.
Under the US Copyright law, this designer reserves all rights to work unless specifically stated contractually or work-for-hire agreement specifically states otherwise.

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