With a decade-plus tenure in the realms of mixed and multimedia, Dee lends his expertise and service to his robust, freelance client portfolio, and renders everything from concepts to collateral for his employers.
His keen eye and immersive approach to brand building afford him the opportunities to carve out a plethora of commercial identities across fields and industries ranging from architecture, education, government to entertainment, hospitality, and health and wellness.
His branding acumen and managerial scope facilitate his ability to expertly multitask; splintering his skill set across multiple protects, with various branding, design, print, digital, social activation, content management, and creative direction focuses.
One of Dee’s driving tenets as an individual is to uplift through outreach, and often that means reaching and or giving back. As a graphic designer, he’s intertwined that principle with his professional mission: to provide access to BIPOC startups, brands, or smaller businesses with the necessary design tools and services to elevate their existing and or potential brand identity and service persona.
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